sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015


I am a fixer, there is something wrong with this picture it reminds me of the time I said I love you and you did not believe me. Maybe you thought I was like that guy in the picture a “Party Animal” or thought I was crazy for saying too much too soon and serving myself on a silver platter.
When someone says: I love you believe them; they need to say it more than you need to hear it. Been there done that. You can’t make someone love you, you can’t hurry love, but you can’t stop someone from loving you once they do, just because you don’t believe it’s true. You can’t put love on hold just because the timing isn’t right.

To love is to trust. I shared my thoughts, ideas and dreams with you; I did things I never thought I would, just to be there for you. You should have known I meant every word. 
I fell in love with someone strong, beautiful, wonderful, but you did not see what I saw, you questioned my intentions, my rights and my wrongs, you not trusting me like I trusted you was too painful. My heart opened to you and all I ever wanted was for you to love me back. Whenever I thought about love I thought about you. I saw the love in your eyes; I felt your love in your touch, in your kiss and all over my body.   

Sometimes we let our insecurities betray us and we forget what really matters. I am a fixer I can fix what’s wrong with this picture.
This picture reminds me: Let me tell you how amazing you are to me, call me when you are ready to open your heart to me and let me love you. Reach out to me if you want to see me, hold me, kiss me and show how much you care. Trust my feeling and yours. Baby I love you; you are the only one, close your eyes and listen to your heart. We can fix this, love always fights back. Love always finds a way out of the dark.  Baby I am yours and what’s yours always returns to you.

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015


I don’t want to be your happiness!
I want you to find your happiness and share it with me.

I want to smile with you. I want to cry with you. I want to laugh with you.
I want to be the person you tell your jokes and your everyday stories to.

I want to be your friend, your lover, your other half if you are feeling incomplete or have trouble breathing without me. But I want you to be happy and not make me responsible for your happiness.
I want to comfort you and make you smile if you feel like crying or let you cry and just hold you until you stop crying and start to smile again.

I want to love you and feel your love I want to share so much with you.
I want everything with you, less would be unacceptable.

We deserve so much you and I
Just don’t tell me I am your happiness. Go out and find your happiness, the sooner the better so we can be together and laugh again.  



The things we do for love
Back to the beginning

Me so shy

I wanted him to love me.
So I did something really crazy, me so shy.

I put myself out there, really out there.  All the lights on me,
So he could see me, notice me, really see me.

I put on a show, became someone different. Someone brave,
Someone not like me, cause me so shy.

All I wanted was for him to notice me, see me, want me,
Love me.

I looked in the mirror and I saw her, not like me, not so shy.
She did the dirty work, she took over and stole the show for me.

One day I forgot why I was doing it and why so many lights were on me.
I started questioning and doubting, I got lost and she was in charge, the woman in the mirror.

That beautiful fearless creature that was nothing like me and now had a life of her own.
Me so shy had forgotten that all I ever wanted was for him to notice me, see me,want me so bad and love me.

Love me


The things we do for love  


martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

Viestiendo a Rosaly

Dreaming of Chimento gioielli
So in Love with Chimento
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lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Vistiendo a Rosaly

Crazy about Chimento
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